Nanotechnology in Stem Cell

In recent years, stem cell nanotechnology has emerged as a replacement of exciting field. Experimental and Theoretical studies of interaction between nanostructures or nanomaterial’s and stem cells have created nice advances. The importance of nanotechnology, nanostructures, and nanomaterial’s to the elemental developments in stem cells-based therapies for injuries and degenerative diseases has been recognized. In general, the consequences of properties and structure of nanomaterials on the accretion and differentiation of stem cells became a replacement of integrative border in reconstruction medicine and material science

  • Nanoparticles: Cell Tracking, And Endocytosis
  • Nano vaccines
  • Nanomaterial’s And Nano engineering
  • Nanotechnology For Genetic Engineering
  • Nanotechnology For Creating Stem Cell Niche
  • Nanoparticle Toxicity To Stem Cells



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