Novel Stem Cell Therapy

The number of individuals with chronicle wounds has been increasing worldwide due to a fading population, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. In the U.S, almost seven million people have chronic skin ulcers. Many restorative approaches have been used. Whatever, the treatment comes out  are not always ideal because of failure to achieve complete wound closure in around 60% of cases, scarring, and high rate of recurrence. However, there is a need of more effective therapies. Stem cells offer promising possibilities. Pre-clinical studies have shown that bone- or adipose tissue-derived mesenchyme stem cells (MSCs) have a competitive advantage over other types of stem cells due to their better defined multi potent differentiating potential, paracrine effects, immune modulatory properties, and safety. Therefore, large controlled clinical trials are needed to examine the capabilities of MSCs in humans and to assess their safety profile. In this review, we highlight emerging treatments in tissue regeneration and repair and provide some perspectives on how to translate current knowledge about stem cells-both multi potent and pluripotent-into the clinical approach for treating patients on heal wounds

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